Saba Health Administration Building - The Bottom - Saba
Hospital On Saba - Dutch Caribbean
Management Team
Gijs Koot
Gijs Koot

M.D. Fam. Physician
Island Physician
Radiology Manager
Naomi Wilson
Naomi Wilson
Head Nurse Clinic

Mortuary Coordinator
Lisette Riley
Lisette Riley
Head Nurse Home Healh & Admission

Emergency Coordinator
Hanneke Magee
Hanneke Magee-Quist
HR Executive
Complaint Officer
  Karen George-Hodge
Karen George-Hodge
Head Finance

  Kirt Whittle
Kirt Whittle
Head Facility

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Emergency Numbers:
Medical: 911 - 416 3288 #1
Fire: 911 - 416 7477
Police: 911 - 416 3737